About Us

We hereby have the pleasure to present you the oldest and most experienced local agents in Ischia. AVET AENARIA was founded in 1946. Since then, we have taken good care of many satisfied visitors from all over the world. When co-operating with AVET AENARIA you will find that all quotations and itineraries are prepared individually, and in each case special attention is given to the requirements of each customer. The staff at AVET AENARIA develops new possibilities and finds new ways to explore the Gulf of Naples. This knowledge combined with more then 70 years experience, forms the base to provide you with the best possible programs and quotations. All staff at AVET AENARIA is available to service you and your groupsĀ  24 hours a day. All tour managers are provided with a 24 hour emergency phone number to your personal travel consultant. If you already are one of our valued business partners, you will probably appreciate already our years of experience, our knowledge of the area, our detailed tour programs and fast replies. Therefore, please feel free to contact AVET AENARIA if you are looking for the best service at the right price in Ischia, we will be very pleased to hear from you.
Salvatore NapolioneĀ  (general manager)